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About the Venue

Casper Wedding Chapel is located in the former First Baptist Church building at 5th and Beech Street in Casper, Wyoming. Our beautiful chapel was built in 1947. The architecture whispers of past eras with soaring arches and vaulted ceilings with massive beams.


For over 75 years this lovely Chapel saw many couples start their lives together. Now there will be a new lifetime of memories made as couples exchange their vows in front of family and friends.

Image by Alexandra Gornago
Image by Alvin Mahmudov

Who are we?

Casper Wedding Chapel is a family venture of love. Cliff and Donna Rice purchased the building and together with their sons and daughters-in-law -- Stewart and Heather Tyler, and Ian and Gabrielle Tyler -- have worked to bring a very special wedding venue to life. Joining us are Gabrielle's parents, Jeff and Cindy Ramsey.


Among our  family, there's almost

100 years of happy marriage!

We want you to experience the joy of joining your life to another in the adventure of marriage.  

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