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Sabrina Spears, Venue Manager & Coordinator

Known as the Trini-Wyoming girl, Sabrina Spears has been making waves in our state, specifically Casper, since 2006. Originally from the beautiful twin islands of Trinidad & Tobago, she still holds her Caribbean culture close to her heart in every which way.

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Sabrina's Story

Sabrina has been the owner and creative talent of Sabrina Spears Events LLC for 9 years. She started this business when our area didn’t value event planning and design much. It took years to change that narrative, and she is extremely proud to be the #1 luxury event designer in Casper, Wyoming.


Her purpose is simple: to spark joy wherever she goes and make an intentional impact. This has allowed her to be featured on Good Morning Wyoming, Casper Star Tribune, Trinidad & Tobago Guardian, Live with Leah (podcast), and Wyoming News Now & Wyoming Weddings (expert blog). 


Sabrina wants to inspire others to live intentionally and learn the art of sparking joy in their lives. 


Some of her favorite quotes are:

  1. "Be scared and do it anyway."

  2. "No is a complete sentence."

  3. "Self-care isn’t selfish."

  4. "Live your best life."

Not only has she impacted many with her time at Sabrina Spears Events (and still is!), but she is also the founder of Balloons & Bounce, which offers luxury balloon garlands and bounce houses, and Poise Purpose Passion, a women’s empowerment brunch.


With Sabrina’s warm welcome at the Casper Wedding Chapel, we are excited about what she brings to the table. Her intentions are aligned with the highest expectations of our guests. She will deliver top-notch services, smiles, and attitudes to make our guests feel at home during their time of celebration with us. She will handle all client onboarding, tour-giving, preferred vendors, live events and workshops with our preferred vendors, and many more.


If you're ready to book your FREE consultation with Sabrina, use the following information to get started.

(307) 462-6322

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